Dissertation gets a distinction!

My dissertation on Isabella MacTavish’s wedding dress and traditional female Highland dress has been awarded a distinction!

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Here’s the abstract

What people wear can tell us a great deal about their economic and social status as well as the culture and society in which they live. Tartan and male Highland dress dominate the literature on historical Scottish dress (Tuckett 2011), yet women have always made up approximately half of the population and are overlooked. There is very little recorded about women’s lives in the Scottish Gàidhealtachd and they have been overlooked for centuries in favour of men. The same is true for their clothing; hardly any information is provided in the literature and only a small number of extant items exist in museum collections. This dissertation discusses the clothing of both rich and poor women across the Gàidhealtachd during the long eighteenth century and uses the earrasaid and the drugget skirt as two case studies. The dissertation aims to fill the gap in the literature by using a variety of primary and secondary sources, discussing one dress and plaid which is commonly referred to as an item of traditional female Highland dress and will question if traditional female Highland dress has ever existed.

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