Images of Flora Macdonald, part 1

As a starting point for my 2021/2 project, I thought it would be useful to have a look at the (known) paintings of Flora Macdonald…

Painted by Richard Wilson in 1747. Size: 76.40 x 58.70 cm.
PG 1162 at the National Galleries of Scotland. Accessed from here on 22nd October 2021

The NGS webpage tells us that after her release from prison in London in 1747, Flora commissioned the above portrait which she gave to the captain of the ship which had brought her south, in thanks for the kindness he had shown her. There is a really great wee podcast here.

Another portrait by Richard Wilson, again from 1747. Size: 117cm x 93.3cm.
Accessed from here on 22nd October 2021

In this portrait, you see a row boat in the distance at sunset (the sea seems very calm). Flora sits on some rocks on a beach and holds a sealed letter. What interests me the most about this painting is that there is hardly any tartan on display (just the ribbon bow) or a flower.

In my next post, I’m going to be writing about the most famous portrait of Flora, painted by Allan Ramsay in 1749, amongst others. More on them later

Flora Macdonald by Allan Ramsay, 1749. In the collection of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

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