Jemima Blackburn

Jemima Blackburn (nee Wedderburn) was born in Edinburgh in 1823 and lived until 1909.

She painted stunningly beautiful portraits of her children…

Alan Blackburn, by Jemima Blackburn, June 1874 (accessed from here on 12th October 2021)

She painted scenes of everyday life in the Highlands of the upper class and the working class which can tell us a great deal about life in Lochaber in the mid to late 19th century.

The West Highland Museum has a beautiful boy’s dress which belonged to her youngest son

Boy’s silk tartan dress belonging to the Blackburn family from the collection of the West Highland Museum. Image reproduced by kind permission of the West Highland Museum.
Image copyright: Joanne Watson, 2021

I am working with the West Highland Museum on a project to do with Jemima’s life and art, which will be open to the public in 2022. I have done a fair bit of research into Jemima, her amazing life and her art (I’ve nicknamed her the Victorian blogger, with good reason) and I can’t wait to share this all with the wider world 🙂