Here are a few links to work which has already been published online.

Catharine Niven, former curator of Inverness Museum, article

Two Nerdy History girls blog

Scottish Register of Tartans

Costumes Urbains blog (in French)

This is by far the best reproduction I have seen of the dress so far. The blogger has done an amazing job and goes into a lot of detail on her thought process. Vraiment génial!

About the Stratherrick/Loch Ruthven area

RSPB nature reserve Loch Ruthven

South Loch Ness heritage group

Academic papers

There are quite a few academic papers that will be of interest to costumiers as well. I’ll add links at a later date, but to summarise anything by Dr Sally Tuckett is bound to be of interest. Here’s a link to her publications

Dr Anita Quye is an expert on historical dyes and has written some fascinating articles. Here’s a link to her publications

Professor Hugh Cheape has written widely tartan and material culture. Here’s a link to his list of publications

I highly recommend joining the Costume Society. Not only do you get a print copy of their journal, but you get online access to the back catalogue.

Suggested reading

Dunbar, John Telfer (1962) The History of Highland Dress London: Harper Collins

Dunbar, John Telfer (1981) The Costume of Scotland London: Batsford

Lawson, Alan (2006) A country called Stratherrick Inverness: South Loch Ness Heritage Group


I have a much longer list of books and articles I would suggest reading. I’ll have to do that from my computer though so will appear at a later date.